Environmental Sustanability

“Our World, Our Responsibility” is an expression we take to heart at Southwest Beverage Company. Over the years we have made significant gains in utilizing more energy efficient equipment, as well as practicing in recycling programs with various materials. Listed below are the areas we have focused our efforts on:


* Aluminum
* Cardboard
* Paper
* Wooden Pallets
* Plastics (with completion of new facility)

Water Conservation/Quality

* High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
* Detention ponds at our new facility to prevent movement of dissolved solvents from surface water to ground water sources
* Purchase of Eco-Friendly cleaning products

Energy Efficiency

* ENERGY STAR rated Lightling
* ENERGY STAR rated Appliances
* Monitored Temperature Controlled Areas
* Electronic Motion Sensor Lighting (with completion of new facility)
* HVLS Fans (with completion of new facility)

Other Sustainability Practices

* Scanned Record Storage
* Purchase of recycled paper when possible
* Electronic order entry allows for paperless pre-sell

Transportation/Shipping Efficiency

* Purchase Energy Efficient Vehicles
* Fuel consumption monitored on all vehicles
*Maximize load quantities, to minimize the number of loads
* Collaborate & Share loads w/other Wholesalers w/in the state
* GPS equipped vehicles to monitor non-efficient driving practices